Hector Echavarria Martial Arts Master



Echavarria began studying Tai Chi Chuan and Chinese Boxing at the age of four from the first Shaolin Monk to flee China, Grand Master Chen Ho and Tung Kuo Tsao. At the age of six he studied Judo and Jujitsu under Grand Master Mayamoto of Kodokan. In his youth Echavarria also studied the Korean martial art of Tae Kwon Do. Echavarria, at age 14, was the youngest kick boxer ever to enter the ring professionally.

As a teenager Echavarria came to the United States to perfect his martial arts abilities, and studied under well known master Ed Parker (a 10th degree black belt who is known as “the father of American Kenpo” and the person who discovered legendary martial artist Bruce Lee), Grand Master Robert Trias (another 10th degree black belt and the man who opened the first Karate studio in the US and later became president of the United States Karate Association).


Echavarria is the founder and director of the American Action Movie Association, a world-wide organization created to educate and help martial arts around the planet to learn and experience the secrets of movie making. The most prestigious martial arts organizations around the world are represented in this association, reaching each and every practitioner of the art for a total of sixty million martial artists.

Echavarria served in a leadership capacity with the United International Association of Martial Artists as a leader of more than ten thousand martial arts studios in America. This represents beyond one million secured customers for the Echavarria’s brand in the US.

Echavarria serves in a leadership capacity with the International Sports Karate Association (ISKA).

Echavarria has taught martial arts all over the world, giving seminars and demonstrations, including several powerful kickboxing demonstrations matches with the legendary Bill “Superfoot” Wallace.

Echavarria is a Kung-Fu Master and has reached the following levels: 7th dan Karate-Shury-ryu, 7th dan Kenpo Karate, 5th dan Tae Kwon Do, 2nd dan Jujitsu, 2nd dan Judo.

Echavarria has trained celebrities and sports legends such as Al Delgreco (the kicker for the St. Louis Rams) and Hector “Macho” Camacho (the six-time world boxing champion), Royce Gracie (undisputed ultimate fighting champion UFC), and Hegan Machado (World leader jujitsu champion and master of Chuck Norris).



2005 : First time in Martial arts sports history that a world martial arts championship is named after a celebrity : Echavarria.

2004 : Named Martial Arts Master of the year by the hall of fame Action Martial Arts Magazine.

2001 : Named the “National Full Contact Fighter of the Year” by USMAA (United States Martial Arts Association)

1989-2002 : Became the Vale Tudo Kickboxing Champion of the World in 1989 and defended the title through eleven consecutive World Championship Kickboxing Bouts. Undefeated to date WKKA (World Karate, Koshiki and Kickboxing Association). Hector has a professional record of twenty-eight fights, twenty-six he won by KO, one by points, and one draw.

1983-2000 : Ranked between the top ten best Martial Artists in the world, (United States Karate Association).

1987 : World Champion, American Karate Association.

1986 : World Champion (Gold Medal).

1983-1985 : Won Silver Medals 3 years in a row in the World Championship Bout USKA (United States Karate Association).

1981-1983 : Argentinean National Martial Arts Champion.

1981-1983 : All South American Martial Arts Champion.


An Argentinean company called Compañia Argentina Lapices (Eduardo Carmona) manufactured one million Hector Echavarria action figure dolls in 1996. They sold out the entire stock in two weeks at $12 a piece.

Echavarria’s Argentinean comic book, Hector El Justiciero, sold an average of 250,000 comic books each week.

Hector Echavarria - is a world class martial artist, having mastered six styles of martial arts; a World Champion title holder in Karate, Kung Fu and Vale Tudo Kickboxing; and a television and movie star who hails from Argentina.

After capturing the hearts of the Latin Community in South America, Hector is now ready to win over the American people with a series of big-screen movies produced here in the United States. Hector Echavarria is not new to the film industry. His first three films, all shot in Argentina, still hold the record for being the highest grossing movies ever released in the winter season in South America. His huge success with these films led to his being offered the starring role in a weekly television series called Brigada. The series ran for five consecutive seasons and was aired throughout South America, Spain, Italy, Turkey and Mexico. It grossed 2.5 million dollars in its first 21 days. His charismatic acting style and his presence in the ring have propelled him from one success to another.


In his early years, Hector starred in commercials for companies like Seagram’s and Budweiser. He also appeared in the popular U.S. series, Miami Vice. All of these early appearances as well as his numerous Spanish movies and television shows reflected Hector’s abilities as a "leading man" and showcased his charm and charisma, thus creating what has been termed the "Echavarria craze". As his popularity in South America grew, a Hector Echavarria action figure was produced, the first one million of which were sold out in just two weeks. Other Echavarria merchandise soon followed: posters, collectors’ cards, videos - even a comic strip based upon his martial arts skills. The comic book sold an average of 250,000 copies per month.


Hector's huge success in Latin America and Europe Hector was poised to take on the big screen in the United States. His first English-speaking film, Falkland Man, was produced in 1998 by Destiny Studios and is due to be released in both South America and the United States next year. The movie is an action/drama based upon a true story of some mercenaries who were involved in Great Britain’s repossession of the Falkland Islands. Hector stars in the movie alongside Bill "Superfoot" Wallace, who returns to the big screen in this motion picture, shot on location in Florida

In 1999 Echavarria finished shooting his second American film, EXTREME FORCE, which was produced by Buena Vida Productions. The film was written and directed by Michel Qissi, also known as "Tong Po" of the movie Kickboxer. With a third film slated to begin production in late 1999, Hector is sure to capture American audiences just as he did in Latin America and Europe. Hector Echavarria, having already attained heroic status in Latin America, is sure to be a success in the United States. He has already attracted the notice of many executives and directors in Hollywood, including Marc Lorber, Vice-President of Sony Pictures, who says, "We are already working on developing a project for the Argentinean star."

In addition, famous director Pat Johnson (Mortal Kombat, Batman IV, The Karate Kid, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) had this to say: "I am looking forward to directing Hector. After working with Bruce Lee, Brandon Lee, and Chuck Norris, I believe he is the only one that can match and surpass their abilities."

Hector was featured on the January 1999 issue of Black Belt Magazine, where he was declared to be "the next martial arts movie star of the 21st Century." His credits also include recent appearances on the Fox channel, ESPN 2, Univision, and Telemundo. He has also appeared at Latin Quarters, City Walk at Universal Studios, Planet Hollywood in Disney, and with Arnold Schwarzennegger at the Arnold Classic in Chicago, IL. Due to the increasing demand for his time, Hector has created a website, www.echavarria.com and an official fan club.


With a huge international following, Hector Echavarria comes to the American film arena destined to become the first breakthrough Latino action star. Idolized by millions in Mexico, Central and South America, and a legendary Martial Arts champion, Hector Echavarria brings to the screen a background of film experience, martial arts expertise, and marketing machine that defies comparison.

Mr. Echavarria has starred in over 220 hours of television and motion pictures in Latin America, with his film braking box office records. He is one of the most respected martial artist in the world and holds the title of the World Kickboxing Champion, undefeated since 1989. He recently moved to Los Angeles to position himself as the new action hero. NBC’s EXTRA declared “Move over Van Damme, Jackie Chan and Segal: There is a new action hero; Hector Echavarria.” And Black Belt Magazine named Hector “The next martial arts movie star of the 21st Century”. Echavarria is currently starring in his first American film November 2nd Day of the Dead, distributed by Televisa Cine, and working with writer/producer Ron Shusett (who’s sci-fi action and thriller films have reached worldwide grosses of over one billion dollars, and produced and wrote mega-blockbuster “Total Recall” and “Minority Report” for director Steven Spielberg) in the development and the creation of two franchise projects that will transform Hector into the next action hero.

Furthermore, Hector has a complete understanding of the marketing and product placement. He helped create a popular comic strip based in his martial arts skills that sold more than two hundred fifty thousand copies a week. Hector, among many other things, developed his own line of merchandising and collectables, including cards, poster, clothing and action figures, this last one in South America sold more than one million units within two weeks.

Echavarria’s martial arts achievements are legendary. He was recently inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He is the current “Full Contact Fighter of the Year” and Vale-Tudo Kickboxing champion of the world. Hector is also the 2005 Martial Arts Master of the Year and the United States Karate Association World Champion, World Kung-Fu Association World Champion.

Currently, the United States Martial Arts Organization is producing the first Echavarria’s Best of the Best World Martial Arts Championship, to be held at Disney’s Sports Center in Orlando, Florida. More than thirty countries, three thousand competitors, and twenty of the top martial arts corporations in the world will be present. This is the first time in martial arts sports history that a world championship event is named after a celebrity.

Bloom, Hedgott and Diemer, LLP currently represent Hector in Hollywood.

Now Hector is determined to use the same energy, willpower, imagination, talent, and confidence that he used to become the best martial artist in the world to fulfill his destiny and be the biggest action hero in the world.